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Prince and Princess Royal

Reign I 
Prince Royal I  - Joe Chavez
Princess Royal I  - Jennifer J. Latte

Reign II
Prince Royal II - Ian Gioseff
Princess Royal II - Rikki Lee Reddick

Reign - III 
Prince Royal III - Ian Gioseff
Princess Royal III - Blanca 

Reign IV
Prince Royal IV - Sid Fierro
Princess Royal IV - Kristen Peters

Reign V 
Prince Royal V - Joe Barraza
Princess Royal V - Tina Camaro

Reign VI
Prince Royal VI - Michael Pruess
Princess Royal VI - Tina Camaro 

Reign VII
Prince Royal VII- Mick Quinn 

Reign VIII
Prince Royal VIII- Paul Gallegos 
Princess Royal VIII - Kristen Peters 

Reign IX
Prince Royal IX - Bill Wendt
Princess Royal IX- Kristen Peters 

Reign X
Prince Royal X - Jack Young 
Princess Royal X - Kristen Peters

Reign XI
Prince Royal XI- Jesse Bouvier 
Princess Royal XI - Carol Espitia

Reign XII
Prince Royal XII - Ken Fernlee
Princess Royal XII- Mercedes Krystal DeVoue 

Reign XIII
Prince Royal XIII - Ben Jammin 
Princess Royal XIII - Gigi Rae 

Reign XIV
Prince Royal XIV - Mick Quinn 
Princess Royal XIV - Stacia Segovia 

Reign XV
Prince Royal XV - Ben Jammin 
Princess Royal XV - Aleah Rico

Reign XVI
Prince Royal XVI - Brendan Gonzales 
Princess Royal XVI - Jazzmine Bouvier

Reign XVII
Prince Royal XVII- Brendan Gonzales 
Princess Royal XVII - Dawnyele

Princess Royal XVIII - Carol Espitia 

Reign XIX
Prince Royal XIX - Just Tim 
Princess Royal XIX - Mikayla De La Rosa

Reign XX 
Prince Royal XX - boy mateo Couture-Daniels
Princess Royal XX - LaRhya Daniels

Reign XXI
Prince Royal XXI - boy mateo Couture-Daniels
Princess Royal XXI - Dahlia Rico

Reign XXII
Princess Royal XXII - Khloe Layla Malone
Princess Royal XXII - Savannah Knight

Prince Royal XXIII - Topher Daniels 
Princess Royal XXIII - Jessica Daniels 

Reign XXIV
Prince Royal XXIV - Leonidas R. DeLeon 
Princess Royal XXIV - Sativa Rico Stratton 

Reign XXV
Prince Royal XXV - Tidus Rico DeLeon
Princess Royal XXV- Kiki Stratton
Princet Royal XXV - Frida Roxxx
Crown Prince and Princess

Reign XIX
Imperial Crown Princess XIX - Raven Foxx

Reign XX 
Imperial Crown Prince XX - Tre Brewbaker
Imperial Crown Princess XX - Raven Foxx

Reign XXI 
Imperial Crown Prince XXI - Christian St. Lassiter Ticey
Imperial Crown Princess XXI Asia B. St. Lassiter

Reign XXII 
Imperial Crown Prince XXII - JayLo Rico
Imperial Crown Prince XXII - Ares Williams

Reign XXII 
Imperial Crown Prince XXIII - Xavier Saint
Imperial Crown Prince XXIII - Ares M. Williams
Imperial Crown Prince XXIII - Rudy Montoya 
Imperial Crown Princess XXIII - Anna Konda Williams 
Imperial Crown Princess XXIII - Coeur Vae Couture 

Reign XXIV
Imperial Crown Prince XXIV - Elijah Daniels  
Imperial Crown Princess XXIV - Kiki Stratton
Imperial Crown Prince of the Sandias XXIV - Anthony Finch 

Reign XXV
Imperial Crown Prince XXV - TJ Toya Bouvier
Imperial Crown Princess XXV- Cookie Toya Bouvier
Imperial Crown Princex XXV - Renato Renee Toya Bouvier
Imperial Crown Prince XXV - Nikko Steel DeLeon
Imperial Crown Princess  XXV- Alyria Stratton
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