Royal Family XXVI
Mr.  Sandia Performer 
of the Year 2017
Ari Eigh 

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Miss Sandias 2018
Missy Venture 

Her Most Royal Imperial Sovereign Majesty, 
The Midnight Vitrail Feathered Serpent Empress,
 The Empress of Darkness, Difference, and Determination. Sometimes she’s sour sometimes she’s sweet. 
The porcelain Goddess Empress. 
Hotter than your mammas recipe.
The Eye of Enchantment. The Artistry of New Mexico. 
The Metamorphosis of the Sandias. The splendor of the Zia. Goddess for life.

Imperial Empress XXVI
Kiki LaVera Stratton
His Most Royal Imperial Sovereign Majesty 
The heir of the Aztec Empire
The DREAMer Emperor of pride, class and everything extra,
The faith of the Sandias,
The Tanzanite Emperor of all New Mexico
The sophisticated,

Imperial Emperor XXVI,
Armani Tyler Diamond Daniels
Mr. Sandias 2018
Steven Tyler Rico
F.I.  Sandia Performer 
of the Year 2017
Seliah DeLeon