Royal Family XXV
Mr.  Sandia Performer 
of the Year 2017
Ari Eigh 

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Mr. Sandias 2017
Deja Williams 

His Most Royal Imperial Sovereign Majesty 
The Handsome Vigilante Gladiator of Humility. 
The all Inclusive Artisan of Kindness,
 Compassion and Creativity. 
The Turquoise Wolf Emperor of all of New Mexico  
The One to Stand by and with the Community 
The Infinity Silver jubilee Emperor  
His Genuinious of the Enchantment 

Imperial Emperor XXV 
Leonidas Diamond Valencia Deleon Rico 
Her Most Royal Imperial Sovereign Majesty.
The Infinity Empress. 
The Past, Present, and the Future of the Sandias.
The Beauty and the Beast. The silver Jubilee Monarch. 
The Owl of wisdom. The Greenest Bud of all New Mexico, and the Fatty of Enchantment.

Imperial Empress XXV
Sativa F. Valencia Diamond Rico-Stratton​
Miss Sandias 2017
Deez R. DeLeon
F.I.  Sandia Performer 
of the Year 2017
Seliah DeLeon