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Heaven needed an angel and god sent for you, You are gone from me forever, Now what am I to do, I miss you now like never before, But I have to let you go, I will never forget you and this I need you to know, My heart breaks of sadness for the one that I adore, Your father in heaven has sent for you and he needs you more, Goodbye until we meet again, in my heart you'll always be, For always you will remain my sweetest memory.
Founder of the Internation Court System 

Absolute Empress I Jose Julio Sarria

Their Majesties 

Imperial Emperor Emeritus I CC Parr 
 Imperial Dowager Empress I Comrade Helga

Imperial Emperor Emeritus II Joseph Michael Chavez 
 Imperial Dowager Empress II Yvette Ross

Imperial Emperor Emeritus V Steve Perea 

Imperial Emperor Emeritus VII and XIV Joe Barraza

Imperial Emperor Emeritus IX Cesario "Sid" Fierro

Their Highness' 

Imperial Princess Royal IV, VIII, IX, and X Kristen Peters

Imperial Prince Royal X Jack Young 

May God Watch Over 
Imperial Dowager Empress IV Diva St. Lassiter 
where ever she may be!