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Coronation XXVI
Around the World  
June 2nd, 2018
Coronation XXVI  Ticket Purchases

Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel

Deluxe King Rate: $99.00 Night 
Deluxe Double Queen Rate: $99.00 Night  

Phone Reservations:

Discount Code: United Court of the Sandias
Hotel Information
Performing for In-Town or 
Out of Town Show:

Performers are asked to send music in to:


Please include the following information
Performer Name
Performer Title
Length of mix/song
Performer's Court 
Please include the following information

Please submit protocol for your Court to the following address: 


Please include: Name of Court/Barony

**Subject to red-lining**


So far I have protocol from the following courts:

New Mexico does present family friendly coronation and requires our guests to appear in full regalia or themed attire appropriate for all ages at all times. The usual no no's that will stop you from admission are bare breast, bare chest, bare buttock and anything else we feel is not appropriate to a regal ball.

As far as your written protocol, New Mexico adheres to the following standards:

What we allow:
* All titles from Absolute Empress I, Jose Sarria and Queen Mother I of the America Nicole the Great
* All titles bestowed by Emperor and Empress 25
* One title from your court
* Up to five dynastic names, don't make us choose since we will remove them all.
* Tag lines for reigning monarchs only!
*Court Announcements

What we do not allow:
* Members of Houses etc. 
* Regrets

We do adhere to the "One title, One walk" rule!

All protocol submitted should be:

* Letter sized paper
* Ariel 18 font
* No roman numbers
* Names phonetically spelled out. 
* Saved in word format and MUST BE EDITABLE.

*We have the right to red line in/out of stare protocols

Coronation Ball
Dinner will be served at 5:00 pm.
Coronation Ball will begin at 6:00 pm.

Online Ticket Sales 

Bus Tour: $30.00
**Can be Purchased in Hospitality with Cash**

Coronation XXV: $75.00
​​**Can be Purchased in Hospitality with Cash**

Victory Brunch $20.00
​​**Can be Purchased in Hospitality with Cash**

​Early Bird Package Deal $110.00
(Includes: Bus Tour, Coronation, Victory Brunch)

​**No Longer Available**

Unable to Attend
but would like to Donate a Youth Ticket

Coronation Ad
If you are interested in purchasing an ad, the requirements and prices are as follows:

Full Page: (8.5 x 11): $120.00

Half Page: $80.00

Inside Front Cover Page: $150.00

Inside Back Cover Page: $150.00

Back Page Cover: $200.00

If you are interested in submitting an ad in our program, please note that the deadline is May 20th , 2018. We can work with you on displaying your image at our functions or distributing marketing materials. When submitting an ad, remember to leave a ¼” border around each of the four edges for a full page advertisement. Also, ads may be in .jpg, .doc, .pub or .pdf formats. 
All Ads will be in color! 

Please submit Ads to the following address: 

Bus Tour and Out of Town Show
Our out of town show happens on our bus tour. 

Busses will load up in front of the hotel on Friday at 6:00 pm and Busses will depart at 6:15 pm.  

First Bar will be Sidewinders where we will honor our 5 year Anniversary Monarchs, the stepping down Monarchs, and UCS Candidates will perform. 

Busses will depart to the UCS Home Bar once we have arrived and settled in, the out of state Reigning Monarchs, ICPs/PRs and other out of state performers will perform. The Home Bar has a dressing room in the back, and a stage as well. Please feel free to bring an outfit change for your performance, or otherwise!  

From the Home Bar one bus will head to the hotel, for folks who are ready to call it a night.
The other bus will head to the third of our amazing local LGBT Bars, Effex Nightclub downtown.

Hospitality Hours:  
Drinks and snacks will be provided. Hospitality is located on the 2nd floor in the Bernalillo and Rio Grande Suit. Please come by and have a drink and snack on us! We do ask that all drinks stay in the hospitality suit.  

Music for Out of Town Show will be accepted in Hospitality from 12(noon) until 3pm on Friday. Music must be email to our DJ at thesochDJ@gmail.com with Performer Name, Home Court, and Title. There will only be music accepted after these hours if we have the capacity to do so. (We will accept music from any out of town guests. However, we will start with reigning Monarchs and reigning ICP/PRs and Line Members, and then will fit in as many Past Monarchs and Line Members as is possible.) 

Friday Hours:
Hospitality will be open from noon until 3pm on Friday.  

After the Bus Tour hospitality will open again at Midnight and be open till 1:30am with lovely food provided by Emperor and Empress X and Emperor XXI! 

Saturday Hours:
Hospitality will be open from noon until 3pm on Saturday.  

Then 30 minutes after coronation Hospitality will be open for an hour to meet and greet our new monarchs. 
**Hospitality is open to our guests who are participating in the weekend’s festivities! Please keep your wristbands for each event on throughout that entire day, as it will be necessary to access hospitality!**