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The United Court of the Sandias, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to increase education and awareness as to health and social issues, and to conduct charitable service projects which benefit legitimate charities and medical/educational/social service organizations within the State of New Mexico, the United States, and Internationally which serve members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual populations.
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Meet Our Candidates 
Leonidas R. Daniels, born as Robert Sierra began as a musician playing guitar and doing live vocals during his adolescence and young adulthood. He has been involved and volunteered with the Democratic Party, Equality New Mexico and Why Marriage Matters. Leonidas has also donated much of his time to organizations such as Planned Parenthood and A light in the night. He has also been actively involved and consistently dedicated to the United Court of the Sandias for the past two reigns. He currently is a candidate for Emperor XXV of the United Court of the Sandias. 

Leonidas R. Daniels started out in the spring of 2015 helping on the campaign of Dahlia Rico-Stratton. After she loss to Seliah Deleon, he continued to volunteer and stay involved because, of his husband Sativa Rico-Stratton. After months of participating in many activities and events Emperor XXIII Goliath Steele placed Leonidas on his line as, Grand Czar XXIII. 

Leonidas aided the court for the year earning much respect amongst his peers. He continued on into the following campaign season as a campaign manager for Emperor XXIV, Topher Daniels. Once elected Topher appointed Leonidas, as his Prince Royal XXIV. Since then Leonidas has continued to work diligently for the court. He has consistently supported many events of the community and organizations such as New Mexico Pride and New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association. Leonidas is a candidate for Emperor XXV and if elected, he wants to work with other organizations in the community to build a stronger support system for those in the community that are in need. For more information about Leonidas's goals, platform and campaign information please

Leonidas R. Daniels 
Sativa Rico Stratton (Born Raymond Lopez) A resident of Albuquerque New Mexico. Sativa has been performing in drag for about 3 years. In her time with United Court of the Sandias which started during Reign XXIII (23) She was Lady XXIII to Empress Seliah DeLeon, and Emperor Goliath Steel. During the Reign, she was elevated due to her work ethic and drive to Grand Czarina XXIII (23). At the completion of Reign XXIII (23) Sativa received a Lifetime Title of Helmet of Wisdom to his Majesty Goliath Steel, as well as Line Member of the year. She has so much love for the organization that During Reign XXIV (24) she was given the title Imperial Crown Princess of the Sandias (ICPS) within two months to the reign she was elevated from that title due to her work ethic and determination to Imperial Princess Royal to Her Majesty Dahlia Rico Stratton. She serves her title as Princess Royal with Dignity and Grace. She hopes to continue the legacy of the Sandias as your next Empress for Reign XXV. Want to learn more about her mission and goals visit for more information.
Sativa Rico Stratton 
Armani Daniels debuted as male performer in February of 2016. Armani's debut was also his first time competing in a local pageant and became the first Mr. Heartbreaker. Inspired by the drag community, Armani competed for and became Mr. New Mexico Pride 2017.

Armani has been involved with the court since before he became a performer. The holiday drive of 2015 was one of the first court initiatives in which he became more directly involved, besides supporting at UCS shows. Currently, Armani is the Marquis to Reign XXIV. 

Armani has been involved in and serving the community for many years. Armani was one of the co-founders of New Mexico DREAMers in Action (founded in 2011) and Together for brothers (founded in 2014) are two non-profit organizations. 

Armani Daniels 
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