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The United Court of the Sandias, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to increase education and awareness as to health and social issues, and to conduct charitable service projects which benefit legitimate charities and medical/educational/social service organizations within the State of New Mexico, the United States, and Internationally which serve members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual populations.
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Imperial Empress XXV
Sativa F. Valencia 
Diamond Rico-Stratton.

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The infinity silver jubilee Emperor  
His genuinious of the enchantment 

Imperial Emperor XXV 
Leonidas Diamond  Valencia 
Deleon Rico 


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Candidates for Emperor XXVI 

Meet Armani Daniels: 
                  I debuted as male performer in February of 2016. My debut was also my first time                              competing in a local pageant, which I won and became the first Mr. Heartbreaker.                              Inspired by the drag community, I competed for, and became Mr. New Mexico Pride                          2017.

                  I had been involved with the UCS since before I became a performer. The holiday drive of 2015 was one of the first court initiatives in which I became more directly involved, besides supporting at UCS shows. During Reign XXIV, I had the honor to serve as Marquis and for Reign XXV, I was honored with the title of Half Emperor to Empress XXV of the UCS, Sativa Rico.

Serving my community is one of my passion. I have been involved serving the community for many years, besides being involved within the UCS. I am humbled to say that I am one of the co-founders of New Mexico DREAMers in Action (founded in 2011) and Together for brothers (founded in 2014). These are two non-profit organizations that are still making positive changes in our community.

Meet Nikko Steel DeLeon:
​                 I am known to help others willingly without the expectation of getting anything in return.                     Being with the UCS going on 4 years I’ve realized what a blessing it is to have so many                     resources to help others that may not even know there is help for them out there. From                     our youth to our elderly, everyone deserves love & compassion. Everyday is a chance to                   learn about others & to help them grow. As being named: The Inspiration of the Sandias,                   by the Queen Mother herself, I intend to help others grow & help them realize their full potential all while staying true to themselves. I currently am & want to continue helping others to        keep positive & encourage one another to better themselves & live up to their full potential. To not just have equality out in the world but to also ensure we have equality among ourselves within our own community. I intend to not only just show this by word of mouth, but I am a strong believer in leading by example. 

Candidates for Empress XXVI 

Meet Kiki Stratton: 
                Kiki Stratton has been a member of the organization for six years. She has helped in                          keeping the organization growing and improving. She has moved up through the ranks                      consistently and has the passion to bring the Court to new heights. Some things she                          wants to focus on this year is the Year of the Woman by contributing fundraising to                            woman focused organizations, small business outreach, and workshops for the line. She                  is proud to be approved to campaign and is proud of where the court has come but more excited on where it will go.​

Meet Cookie Toya Bouvier 
                  (Candy Hartman) Cookie Toya-Bouvier is the first cis Women to campaign for Empress                      with The United Court of the Sandias. She has lived in New Mexico for 11 years with her                    spouse and fur kids. She enjoys meals with friends, arts and crafts, camping and                                spending quality time with humans. Working in airport retail for ten years has shown her                    the best and worst of (WO)mankind and has given here a kind heart for giving.                                  Kindness  is something Cookie always tries to bring to the table and teach. Cookie has been involved with several reigns of UCS and is delighted to see herself STEP UP TO THE FUTURE!! 

Meet Sativa Stratton For President: 
​                  No Photo or Bio Provided 

Meet Eric-Christopher Garcia for Vice-President: 

                  No Photo or Bio Provided 

Meet Jake Segura for Treasure:
                     Hello. My name is Jake Segura. I am 28 years old and I was born and raised in the                           small town of Clovis New Mexico. When I graduated from high school in 2008 I moved                       to Albuquerque. I have been working in business management since 2010. 

                     I first became aware of the court and all the great things they do during reign 23 when Ares Williams introduced me to Seliah Deleon. I was a friend of the court during reign 23 and got a little more involved during Reign 24 for Topher and Dahlias reign. I attended every show I could and it was towards the end of Reign 24 that Sativa and Leonidas asked me to be apart of their campaign and eventually their reign. I was invested into reign 25 as Count but because of my hard work and determination Leonidas elevated me to Marquis. 

I want to continue the work that the past 25 years of UCS has done and make sure that it continues for years to come.

Leonidas R. DeLeon for Membership Coordinator:
​                 Leonidas Rico-Deleon (Robert Sierra) was born 4/7/88 to a biracial couple (Robert and                     Jody Sierra). During his upbringing he struggled with Disabilities, Poverty, and Mental                       Health. In his youth, he would move between the houses of his Parents and                                       Grandparents. Where much of the time, he was raised by his Grandparents. Leonidas                       was taught the values of charity and helping give to others in time of need and urgency. 

Leonidas currently possesses a bachelors degree in Criminology with a concentration in Social Welfare. Leonidas has also designated much of his time to giving back to his community and those who are in need. Having not only volunteered for organizations such as: Equality NM, the Democratic Party of NM, and Planned Parenthood. He has also been involved and served his community through The United Court of the Sandias for over 3 years. In his time of service he has helped, coordinated and worked with others throughout the country and in state, to raise thousands of dollars for many charities and many organizations that serve the community. 

When Leonidas is not serving his community through charity work, he is often spending his remaining time serving others through professional outlets. Leonidas is currently employed as a, Community Support Worker for Open Skies Healthcare, where he engages, assists, and supports many community members daily, who are in need, have many life barriers and are often seeking support for their on going Mental Health conditions. 

Leonidas is someone who is quite social, energetic and is always willing to do what they can to help others. He has worked with many individuals in the community and has some support within the community. When elected as Membership Coordinator, he plans to continue to grow and develop the role. Developing the organization’s promotion of events, community interest in the organization itself, and support and promote the Elected Monarchs of Reign XXVI’s plans and events to maintain engagement within the community that the UCS serves.